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Forever and a Day by Scyoni on 17 Nov 2011, 02:53
I've been trying to create this site forever and a day.

By that I mean maybe five or six years, but when one is nineteen, it's about the same thing.

A friend of mine introduced me to the idea of play-by-post roleplay around 2005, and at the time, I was entirely disinterested. She was actually playing by e-mail rather than post, although I honestly don't know the proper term for that, and I found the activity slow, difficult to understand, and annoying at times.

Who was that character again?
Why did those two post at the same time?
Where were we again? Did I -really- have to reread 900 IC and OOC messages to find out?

Beyond that, having a DM involved was kind of annoying. It was less about the story and more of a dungeons and dragons session without dice or rules. If anyone has ever played DnD with an incompetent DM, it's about the same thing. Either way, I played this game for about four months, and then dropped it in favor of real life, Neopets, and an obsession for writing novels...

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