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The Elation and Terror of Writing by Scyoni on 05 Feb 2012, 12:09
An hour ago, give or take, I accomplished something that anyone can and relatively few do. I finished writing a novel- not just any novel, mind you, but the novel I wrote my first draft for when I was fourteen. It was the third novel I had ever attempted, and the first one to so completely captivate me with the characters who lived inside those pages and thrived inside my mind that even when I put it aside for two full years without reading it, touching it, or trying to write it I still wanted to get back to it.

I couldn’t give you the exact number because of a hundred late nights of thiry-second inspiration that ended in “do not save changes to document1,” but there have been approximately 13 draft of this book until now. Three of those are full drafts, from the beginning to the end of the story, and any others that made the list were over two pages long. I will never write another complete draft of this book if I have any say in it, though I may edit every word in the draft until I’ve ...

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