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K.Saotome: Log Entry, Day 1. Icarus & Darkell by Icarus on 02 Jun 2012, 13:41
Day 1

Icarus & Darkell

This is my first entry, not as Kazuya Saotome, but as Trace Noir, my new alias here on Darkell. We've finally reached our new apartment, it's small and only has one bed, but it'll do. You might be asking why only one bed is a concern, but Icarus seems to be a bit unusual for a RAIN. Right now he's... sleeping? I suppose it would be called that. Either way, the guy's taken over my bed for now, which is why I'm writing. I could explore the city, but I think I saw enough when we were driven from the port to the apartment building. I guess the larger families were taken to a different place, because most of the single passengers were taken here as well. I honestly just want to sleep, but the shock of my new life situation is preventing me from feeling all that tired.

    Oh hey, Icarus here. Kaz fell asleep...[/list]

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