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You were living a normal life, doing whatever it is you do- until you received an invitation from the world’s leading technological corporation. Sparkfire Industries offered you a free home, a new job, and a ticket to a more exciting life on some island you’ve never heard of. Maybe they erased your debt, maybe they offered you a lot of money, but whatever the reason- you agreed to move away from your old life, and everyone you’ve ever known, to join the “Ruinz” project.

Welcome to Darkell, a manmade floating island hidden in the Atlantic ocean advanced decades beyond modern society. This is SparkFire’s testing ground, and as you step off of the ferry, you’re told that new friend you made on board wasn’t quite human. They are Ruinz Artificially Intelligent NPC or RAIN- and they’re going to be your partner or your best friend for the rest of your time on the island.

RAIN and the Ruinz system grant people a new way to live, from organized competitions known as challenges to the ability to control the elements and heal almost any illness. This advanced society is a model for what SparkFire wants to make of the entire globe.

But for every good brought on by this technology, there must be a great evil. Whatever happens on Darkell, stays on Darkell, because those who choose not to stay leave their Rain and their memories behind.

Ruinz Online is a science-fiction roleplay forum with a new and growing community of roleplayers who build this world together with collaborative storytelling. Create a character and tell their story with others in play-by-post roleplaying, but with a twist.

Your character in Ruinz has to earn their lifestyle! Everyone starts out as a newbie to Darkell island, with nothing but a small apartment what little they brought from their old life- and as a user posts and their character becomes a part of the world, they earn Treize, the currency of Ruinz Online, and they can spend it on whatever’s most important- be it special skills and equipment to help you in Challenges, the local contest of skill, or things of status like a vehicle or a better home.

The world of Ruinz is centered on the new technology in Darkell, this nano-age testing ground, but it changes because of the users. Everyone is free to write their own stories in Darkell City, but certain events can cause change in the world that effects everyone- and these changes happen through the World Plot. Users can be chosen at random, or based on their class, items, activity score or level to make a choice that could throw Darkell into turmoil or protect the peace.

Joining is free, and we’re a new and open community! Come visit Ruinz Online.

Ruinz Online was developed by Dragoon Lagoon, a creative studio.