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Media Agreement

Ruinz has a plot beyond punting your characters onto Darkell and telling you to have fun with it. We are going to have a plot centered around NPCs to drive the development of our world, and depending on how the community reacts to events, some of your characters might get to join in the fun! This makes you all important to Ruinz, and to our story- but on the flipside, it means you have a choice to make about how much you're willing to participate in Ruinz's media and marketing.

Our plot isn't going to be told in the form of a novel (or at least we have no plans for one yet) but it will be posted in multiple chapters of partially visual media, and that means that if your character is included in the main plot, they will appear in this media. They become a part of our main attraction, and as such, you should be aware:

Plot characters (even minor ones) may be included in:
Banners / Ads,
Published Stories,
Print Media

And other media related to RuinzOnline.

Ruinz and its media are entirely free at time of writing, but we're not entirely sure that will always be true. We don't want to steal anyone's original characters or rip anyone off, but we do need certain rights to be able to include everyone in our story. That in mind, we have developed a media opt-in/opt-out system.

Anyone who opts-in gives RuinzOnline and DragoonLagoon:
  • The non-transferrable right to use your character's likeness in free or paid website media including (but not limited to) ads, banners, videos, stories/novels, videogames, and print merchandise.
    • PAID media does not include any media  dedicated solely to your character without a seperate agreement.
    • Media will never include visual art (drawings) made or comissioned by you without your consent.

They retain:
  • All ownership of their character.
  • All rights to their character.

In English, this means that we can publish a book/comic/movie/videogame with your character in it, even comercially, but we can't start selling action figures, portraits, or other merch centered exclusively on your character without making another deal with you.

Why should I opt-in?
Future events may give you the opportunity to be in the spotlight as a part of the main cast of our story, and if you don't opt-in, your character will be replaced by an alternative NPC who makes the same choices. Because we need to keep the rights to the site story in case of alternative adaptations, we can't use any characters we don't have the proper rights to.

Can I change my mind?
YES, but there are conditions. Once you opt-in, you can choose to opt out at any time. Contact the admins to remove yourself from the media opt-in list. Be aware, however, that this only stops your character from appearing in any future media. Your character may remain in existing media at the discretion of RuinzOnline and DragoonLagoon staff. (We can talk about pulling your character out, but it might not happen.)

We understand if you're concerned about your intellectual rights, and apart the direct consequences of choosing not to allow us to use your design (IE: you can't appear in the plot as your own character) choosing to opt out will not harm your reputation with RuinzOnline or any of the site staff. Your character belongs to you, and it's up to you how it can be used.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about our system, feel free to send us a message on the contact page. Our goal is to reach understanding with all of our users, and we appreciate the feedback.