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PostPosted: 22 Oct 2012, 09:57 
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Ghost secrets have started popping up all over Darkell! If you dress up in costume, ghostly floating hints will lead you towards finding them- but watch out. These ghosts are still floating around Darkell, and if they catch you looking for their secrets, you'll become one of them!

  • RP In the Special Event Forum: Here
  • Collect "Ghost Secrets" to win prizes.
  • Get tagged by a ghost and become one.
  • As a ghost, mess with non ghosts to protect your secrets!
  • Tag 5 people as a ghost and win a prize!
  • To become live again, catch a will-o-wisp!


For select times during the Halloween events, the administration will be holding a site-wide scavenger hunt in which you can win the "Ghost Form" vanity item for your characters. Spend time on the site and search for the clues that will lead you to the Ghost Secrets and get a rare item, free!


Draw your characters ready for Halloween and win! Contest ends on October 30th, 2012 at 23:59hrs RT. Winners will be announced on October 31st. You may use any medium other than literature and animation/film to portray your characters in a Halloween theme.

Ikki, Khrysteen, Lolly.

Due to time constraints on the administation's part, all dates listed in the calendar have been pushed back two weeks. The icon for the scavenger hunt will be released the day we do each event.

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PostPosted: 29 Oct 2012, 22:00 
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I demand to see costumes!!

And RPs. Where are the RPs? ;A;


We'll see how long it takes her to notice. >:3


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