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PostPosted: 22 Jun 2011, 00:18 
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Defective AI
Military Grade RAIN
USER Kazuya Saotome

Icarus is an odd sort of RAIN. Developed early on in the process of creating military grade RAIN, Icarus had a fault in his programming that caused him to have a wildly out-of-control personality. He was considered to be unfit for duty and not used as a military officer. However, he was unique enough that SparkFire saw no need to destory him, and kept him for AI social research.

When SparkFire invited Kazuya to the island, he requested a RAIN that had the potential for real combat against humans, seeing as his life would potentially be in danger should the men he is seeking be there. Seeing an opportunity to use Icarus in a situation where the RAIN could possibly be rehabilitated, SparkFire allowed the use of the defective military AI.

Icarus is a deeply philosophical AI. He constantly questions the truth of his exsitence, and can become moody at the drop of a hat. However, recent partnership with Kazuya Saotome, the young world-class hacker and former heir to his clan, has been teaching Icarus some new behaviours as he learns that even humans question the validity of their lives.

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