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PostPosted: 31 Dec 2011, 23:53 
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Lvl 4
Name: Fraze
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Class: Mage
User: Dezz

Role: Fraze is Dezz's best friend, and the 'assistant' who tests all of his inventions.

Personality: Fraze is carefree and whimsical at his best, and vengeful at worst. Most of the time he's on the brighter side, trying to make light of things and joking about things as much as physically possible, but when crossed he will do everything in his power to get revenge in the most practical way he can think of. Unlike Dezz, his rage isn't blind, and his tactical approach to most situations is usually better informed.

Fraze is about 5'10", with a darker skin tone and black hair. He has golden-yellow eyes like only a RAIN could, and a decent amount of muscle to his build.


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:oranges: :yellows: :whites: Where an old man of Aran, Goes around and around :whites: :yellows: :oranges: <-------------


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