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PostPosted: 20 Jun 2012, 19:25 
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Please fill out this form without changing any of the bbcode inside the TEXTAREA tags. You can remove this paragraph and add anything you want -after- the TEXTAREA tags, but if you alter what's inside you're making it harder for us to understand your profile, and you will be rejected at evaluation. If you need help with what you can and can't do, check out this guide.

After you've passed evaluation, you can modify your profile however you want.

Name: Matrim Gallagher
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Class: Fighter
RAIN: Dani Vega

Job: Fomer: Soldier/ Current: Police Detective

How/why they came to Darkell:
While serving in the military, Matrim's MOS dealt with military intelligence. When he found a possible spy, a member from his unit with a family, he was ordered to wipe out the entire house right away as he had recently gained access to very sensitive information regarding military grade technology. Matrim stormed the house following orders and cleared it out, but in doing so had killed innocent family members. He didn't face any court martial charges as he was following orders, but due to the mental stress he was given an honorable discharge. His career in military intelligence as well as his fighting skill sets had been something that was of interest to SparkFire apparently, and he was offered a new life, a way out. He would be part of the police as a detective to look into any issues the city of Darkell might have, and in return he was promised the chance to forget everything that had happened.

Character History:
Matrim had a basic life up until he joined the military at the age of 18. He climbed the NCO ranks pretty quickly with an MOS of Military Intelligence. After discovering that an officer he worked under was giving information to other countries for cash, Matrim was ordered to get into the house as a friend and kill everyone inside as a possible spy/traitor. In doing so there was collateral damage, as well as mental stress for Matrim. He has since attempted suicide on two occasions, chickening out on shooting himself as he couldn't bring himself to fire a weapon. The second time he took too many pills and ended up purging them before they could do the intended harm.

Cocky, Arrogant, and definitely a flirt at times. Matrim's a jerk, a tool, but in the end he will help people out if he feels they deserve it. He can come off as a bit self-righteous but the truth is he doesn't feel he deserves much of anything. He's a bit judgmental of others but what most don't see is how judgmental of himself he truly is. He wears a mask of arrogance but can be a bit paranoid as well as cautious, often doubting whether or not everyone is secretly out to get him. Darkell seems a bit like a conspiracy to him, for example, but at this point it's probably his only hope at a life.

With a height of 6'3" Matrim is a bit on the tall side with a tan complexion. He is built with a large frame, broad shoulders and a muscular stature. He wears his dark brown hair short with the front spiked up and tends to wear jeans with a simple black t-shirt and work boots. He keeps his face clean shaven and has a generally clean appearance to him, no tattoo's or piercings. He usually wears fingertip-less black gloves that he boxes with. His eyes are a light blue and he has a square jaw.


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