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PostPosted: 27 Jun 2012, 14:26 
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Please fill out this form without changing any of the bbcode inside the TEXTAREA tags. You can remove this paragraph and add anything you want -after- the TEXTAREA tags, but if you alter what's inside you're making it harder for us to understand your profile, and you will be rejected at evaluation. If you need help with what you can and can't do, check out this guide.

After you've passed evaluation, you can modify your profile however you want.

Name: Dani Vega
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Class: Fighter
User: Matrim Gallagher

Role: Military/Partner. Matrim is set to be a Police Detective, Dani was designed to aid him by challenging him and providing him with backup.

A punk, a bit of a tom boy as society would say, Dani just likes to think of herself as her own person. Even if she's technically an AI she prefers to think of herself as a stand alone being, thinking of herself more as a human being than a computer. She understands what she is but she feels like she's more than programming, she swears she can feel emotions not just simulate them, and is the type to argue and get angry with anyone who disagrees. She's cocky, she's a danger addict, and she's not above punching someone in the face if they piss her off.

Standing at 5'9", with an athletic frame, Dani Vega has olive complexion, Auburn hair in the style of a mohawk worn down to one side, forest green eyes and sports military garb. A dark green tank top, a pair of camo pants, and combat boots make up the entire ensemble as well as a pair of dog tags with her AI information. While the dog tags are purely decorative they add to the authenticity of the image to serve as a partial reminder of Matrim's past with the idea that he has to face it in order to forget it.


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